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Quality Skincare Using the BEST INGREDIENTS From Both Nature & Science. 


Science is Nature. Try Our Uniquely Formulated Skincare Products.

Natural Soap and Flowers



Made of Quality Ingredients

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Professionally Formulated

Skincare created to highlight and enhance your unique skin, not hide it.

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the lauren elizabeth story

This body of mine has been blessed to be on this earth for many years.
This body has battled and beat cancer, twice.
This body has nourished, delivered, and nurtured three beautiful children.
This body has experienced pure, radiant love, and suffered crippling loss.

Throughout it all, every wrinkle, stretch mark, scar, roll, and freckle is a badge of HONOR that I wear proudly to show the world my strength and character.

Throughout my time in the skincare industry, I have always believed in making skincare that enhances your skin’s natural beauty.


Skincare should nourish, support, and maintain the healthy, beautiful person that you are at any point in your journey through life.

If you treat your skin kindly with the gifts that nature has given us, you will shine with all of your badges and glory!

our story


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